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All India Association of Medical Social Work Professionals (AIAMSWP), New Delhi is a registered non–profit, non-political, National level organization dedicated to the promotion of standards and enhancement of the status of Social Work Profession in health care in India.

AIAMSWP was established in 2009, following the concerns of Professional Social Workers to cater to the need of having an organization at the National level. Since its inception, it has been making attempts to bring Professional Social Workers on one platform so that a collective identity of the Profession could emerge. AIAMSWP intends to fulfill the twin purposes of promoting Social Work Profession in health care within the country together with safeguarding and protecting the interests of Social Work Professionals working in health care. Its Secretariat is located at PGIMER, Chandigarh and President’s office is located at AIIMS, New Delhi.

Message from General Secretary

Dear AIAMSWP Family & Guest Members,

I am grateful to the AIAMSWP family members for showing their confidence and unanimously electing me as General Secretary of this Association from April 2023 onwards. Before taking the responsibility of Hon. General Secretary, I worked with governing body of this association for nine years in the capacity of North Zone, Secretary and Joint Secretary of AIAMSWP from April, 2014 to March, 2020 and April 2020 to March 2023 respectively. During these nine years I learnt various professional aspects of works related to the association and social work profession in hereditary from the hard work of my previous senior office bearers of this association. I am thankful to all my seniors for their support and guidance.

As you all are aware that the team of AIAMSWP is working assiduously for the welfare of Medical social Work Profession since its inception in 2009 and registration in 2011 and after its registration many chapters of success has been added in the growth book of AIAMSWP. E.g. Association has an own new website with a lot of information to keep updated to its members and maintain the transparency of the related works. The category of Medical Social Work/Psychiatric Social Work has been included in the Allied and Healthcare Professionals Bill, 2021, after the intervention of our association. Sh. B. R. Shekhar, Ex. President and current Patron of our association is nominated as Member, Interim Commission of National Commission of Allied Health Commission and now we expect that the issues related to our profession will be raised on time through said commission. The post of Medical Social Worker and psychiatric social Worker has been re-designated as Medical Social Welfare Officer and Psychiatric Social Welfare Officer in central Govt. institutions under banner of AIAMSWP and we are trying to implement it at national level.

To provide a platform for the members of the association and students of social work profession in developing research skills nine consecutive Annual National Conferences has been organized since 2014 to 2022 and its first conference was held at Chandigarh in 2014. AIAMSWP publishes an E-journal of AIAMSWP named “Indian Journal of Health Social Work” since January 2019, since then Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh, Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, is the Chief Editor of that Journal. This Journal is an open access half yearly e-journal which will provide a platform to share scientific Knowledge among Social Work Practitioners/Professionals. This Journal is available on the official website of AIAMSWP. To introduce about the various activities of the association a yearly newsletter is also publishes by AIAMSWP since 2019 and it may be downloaded from the website of the association.

The seed of AIAMSWP growing upand turned into a young plant, now its different branches of professional developments are growing day by day in the field of Medical and Psychiatric social Work Profession. In the little time spam AIAMSWP added many chapters of success in its growth book but many more are still awaited to add in it. So my humble request to all of you joins hands together for a better upcoming future of Medical Social work Profession.

With Best Wishes and Complements!!

Raghavendra Kumar Rai
Hon. General Secretary, AIAMSWP

Presidents Message
Dear Friends,

Greetings from the All India Association of Medical Social Work Professionals! (AIAMSWP)

I am thankful to all of you for expressing trust in me and giving me an opportunity to work for the professional development of the Medical Social Work Profession by electing me as the President of this Association. I worked as Hon. General Secretary; from April 2014 to March 2023. It has been a great experience. I have learnt that hard work always demands commitment, clarity and comprehensiveness along with patience and promptness to achieve our goals.

Friends, efforts taken by the governing body members of the association for the welfare and betterment of the Medical Social Work Professionals are really appreciable. In the outcome of hard work of our association the Medical Social Work/Social Work/ Psychiatric Social Work Professionals have been included in the National Commission for Allied and Healthcare Professionals Act, 2021. AIAMSWP also succeeded to become the part of National Commission for Allied & Healthcare Professions. Mr. B R Shekhar, Ex-President, AIAMSWP appointed as a member of this commission for 3 years. I am always grateful for the inspiration and support which is being provided by the whole team members in succeeding our aims and objectives.

One of the major efforts of this association is to bring all the Medial Social Work Professionals together and it is now bearing fruits. Every year, our annual conference is getting bigger & bigger, and apart from that, there are a plethora of academic activities going on including short workshops, seminars, newsletters, and publication of IEC material.

Our vision is to collaborate, network, and share our resources to create a platform where the Medical Social Work Profession can thrive to create benchmarks. I am deeply grateful to the leadership & hard work of our executive committee members who have started from scratch and made a noteworthy mark on the national level. Now we need to accelerate our activities especially in the area of training and research and I appeal to all the Medical Social Work Professionals of the country to come in solidarity with us as early as possible.

Together we are far better and can go a long way!

Dr. O P Giri
President, AIAMSWP

10th ANC of AIAMSWP on “Social Work Practices in Healthcare: Issues and Challenges” is scheduled to be held on 26 & 27 December 2023 at Wardha Samaj Karya Sansthan, MGAHV, Wardha, Maharashtra

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10th ANC of AIAMSWP on “Social Work Practices in Healthcare: Issues and Challenges” is scheduled to be held on 26 & 27 December 2023 at Wardha Samaj Karya Sansthan, MGAHV, Wardha, Maharashtra

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MOM of EGBM held on 01-03-2022

MOM of GBM held on 29-12-2022

Minutes of GBM with Agenda held on 05.02.2020 at Guest House, Manipur University, Imphal, Manipur

Scientific Program Schedule of 7th ANC 2020 of AIAMSWP

Notice of General Body meeting held on 06-02-2020

Minutes of meeting of Governing Body of AIAMSWP held on 11-10-2019

Election Notification for office bearers of of AIAMSWP for period of 2020-22 and Nomination Form

The Governing Body meeting of All India Association of Medical Social Work Professionals (AIAMSWP) to be held on 3rd January 2019, Thursday, at 6.00 PM.

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Existing members applying for a different category of membership (eg: Associate member to Life Member), need to complete the full …


To improve the standards of service, teaching, training and research on the subject of Medical and Psychiatric Social Work at all levels.


To develop cooperation in the teaching, training, research, and service between the departments of Medical and Psychiatric Social Work


To promote welfare of the professionals of Medical and Psychiatric Social Work and  to publish a journal which will be in furtherance of these

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Upcoming Events

"Importance of Enhancing Social Support and Well-being in current Pandemic"
All India Association of Medical Social Work Professionals in Collaboration with Kerala Association of Professional Social Workers Presenting  International Panel Discussion On “SOCIAL WORK IN HEALTHCARE DURING PANDEMICS: INDIAN AND GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE”.
Date: 18th JULY 2020
Time: 5:00 PM (IST)
Register yourself on the following link:
Selected participation will receive a confirmation email from the organizers.
For further details you may contact Mr. Aftab Alam Shah (Mobile- +91 93103 57702), Dr. Anish KR(mobile-+91-9447200702)

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