Daytime Sleepiness, Sleep Quality and Sleep Habits Among Undergraduate Students

Daytime Sleepiness, Sleep Quality and Sleep Habits Among Undergraduate Students


Assistant Director & Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology School of Criminology and Behavioral Sciences, Rashtriya Raksha University (An Institution of National Importance) At Lavad- Dehgam, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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Background: The growing level of stress on students, is affecting their psyche, sleep and life style. Sleep deprivation and symptoms related to sleep disorders have been ignored and inadequately understood. A Good quality and quantity sleep are important in order to have better academic performance and to avoid other health problems. Aim: To Study the day time sleepiness, sleep Quality and sleep habits between male and female undergraduate students of Amity University, Madhya Pradesh. Materials and Methods: Day time sleepiness, Sleep Quality and sleep habits were investigated using a stratified random sampling method from the student of Amity University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. The study was carried out during June – September 2017 with 202 undergraduate students. The scales administered were Epworth Daytime Sleepiness scale, Sleep hygiene Index and Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index. Data was analyzed by using statistical Package of social sciences (SPSS) version 16.0. Results: The present study found that female students reported significantly higher day time sleepiness than male students. Besides that female student showed poor sleep hygiene and sleep quality than the male students. Furthermore on Pearson correlation it was found that significant positive correlation between day time sleepiness, sleep quality and sleep hygiene. Moreover, Out of 206 students 23.8% had abnormal level of daytime sleepiness, 14.1% had borderline level of daytime sleepiness and 62.1% had normal level of daytime sleepiness. Conclusion: Sleep disturbance are an important issue among university students. They should be taken for counseling in which sleep hygiene should be emphasized during the initial sessions of the counseling. Nightmare, snoring and irregular sleep patterns further complicates the condition which also should be addressed in the counseling sessions.

Keywords: Sleep quality, Day time sleepiness, Sleep hygiene, Nightmare, Snoring.

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