Lived Experiences Of Children Exposed To Family Violence: An Indepth Analysis

Lived Experiences Of Children Exposed To Family Violence: An In-depth Analysis

Chinnadurai Periyasamy1 & Sinu Ezhumalai2

1Doctoral Scholar, 2Associate Professor, 1,2Department of Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, Bangalore.

Correspondence: Dr E.Sinu, e-mail id :


Background: Family violence is a significant public health problem worldwide. Exposure to family violence affects children’s mental health. Aim: To examine the perception of the needs and impact of family violence on children of alcohol dependents. Materials and Methods: Qualitative method was used. Based on the inclusion criteria, 20 participants were recruited by consecutive sampling techniques. The researcher used a semi-structured interview schedule for data collection. Data were analysed using in-depth analysis. Thematic approaches were used for coding and emerging the themes, and the researcher used the Atlas, Ti software. Results and Conclusion: Three main themes were generated from an in-depth interview 1) Impact of family violence on children 2) Needs of the children 3) Protective factors. Psychiatric social workers have a vital role in identifying and addressing family violence, screening mental health issues, providing psychosocial intervention for children exposed to family violence, training the parents for the safety of their children.

Keywords: Need of children, protective factors, de-addiction setting.

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