Psychosocial Support in Disaster Management in India

Psychosocial Support in Disaster Management in India

Palash Mandal

Assistant Professor, Govt. General Degree College Gopiballavpur-II, Jhargram, West Bengal

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Most disasters are unpredicted and strike in an unprepared time. Disasters leave people in tremendous trauma, no one is untouched by its effects. Most people get adjusted with time but few can develop serious psychological issues. Early intervention can reduce the burden and restore wellness. With time people become rigid and they don’t want to disclose their feelings, they don’t want to reveal the experience again and they become evasive about it. Spectrum of care should be provided and holistic approach should be taken manage disaster situations effectively. It is also important to create community preparedness in vulnerable regions of the country to reduce the impact. 

Keywords: Psychosocial support, disaster management.


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