Table of Contents - Current issue
Invited Lecture
Political economy of public healthand research in india:Is it a lack of political will or a funding issue?

1 - 9

Dr. Shahid Perwez
Depression, anxiety and stress among internet user students: a comparative study

10 - 24

Mr. Bhujbeer
Cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) for recovered mentally ill patients in a rehabilitation setting

25 - 32

Ms. Kanisha Binu Sharon, Ms. Preenu Ashok, Ms. Rubini.V. , Ms. Dayana Selvaraj
The situation of the Assam tea garden hospitals and delivery of reproductive and child health services: a study of Dhekiajuli Block, Sonitpur, Assam

33 - 40

Ms. Suchita Topno
Health seeking behaviors among Bhutia and Lepcha tribes in Sikkim

41 - 49

Mr. Rinchen Ongmu Bhutia
Impact of simple exercises on mental health improvement for geriatric care

50 - 64

Ms. Shushanti Mutum
Social work initiatives for promotions of mental health of Vitiligo patients

65 - 72

Mr. Dhirendra Patel
Invited Lecture Abstract (ILA)
Importance of ‘Social Research in Health Care’


Prof. Rajendra Kshetri
Political economy of public healthand research in india:Is it a lack of political will or a funding issue?


Dr Shahid Perwez
Age, sex structure of Manipur population and its application in social research in health care services


Dr. Latashori K.
Symposium Abstract
Role of social worker’s in women mental health

77 - 79

Dr. Kimneihat Vaiphei, Dr. Kavita Jangam, Dr. Kimneihat Vaiphei
Social work practice in hospital settings


Dr. Prashant Srivastava, Dr. Jaswinder Kaur, Ms. Nupur Kumari, Mr. Upendra Singh
Impact of digital age on children and adolescents: Psychosocial Perspective


Mr. Ambrish Kumar & Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh
Women mental health in Indian perspective: An update


Mr. Mohit Shukla & Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh
Community Mental health in India


Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Mr. Kuldeep Singh, Dr. Prashant Srivastava
Workshop Abstracts
Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention


Ms. Nupur Kumari, Ms. Sunita Kumari, Ms. Swarnalata Kumari
Self- Care and Well-being for Professional Social Workers


Ms. J. Damen Queen
Award Abstracts

86 - 92

Free Paper Abstracts

93 - 164

Poster Abstracts

165 - 169

It’s a matter of great pride for me that All India Association of Medical Social Work Professionals is launching first issue of “Indian Journal of Health Social Work” on the auspicious occasion of 6th Annual National Conference of AIAMSWP, 2019.

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