The primary mission of the Social Work profession is to enhance the well-being of all people with particular attention to basic needs and bio -ps ycho- soc ial func t io ni ng of marginalized populations (NASW, 2012). The World Health Organization defines Health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infi rmi ty” (Wor ld Heal th Organization, 2009). Social work may adopt the World Health Organization’s account of health as a working definition for developing and contrasting the idea of social work health and wellness. The Social Work intervention includes the activities that promote wellness and physical fi tness. It also addresses important mental, emotional, and social “fitness” factors that support the profession’s vision. Social work profes sion has the potential to strengthen the present national di s co ur s e on hol i s t i c gr owt h a nd empowerment through developing a synergy among physical-psychological-social-spiritual aspects of life. According to Saxena et al, (2005) Social worker plays significant role in bringing positive physical and psychological changes in human-beings. These positive changes help the individual to cope up effectively with stressful situations, thus improving the quality of life. According to McLean and Andrew (2000) Social worker has great abi l i ty in asses sing the di f fi cul t circumstances of human life and resolute the problem for welfare of individuals. There are researches indicating that physical activity has good impact in reducing burnout & job dissatisfaction, increase positive energy and encourage the people to develop sel fefficiency (Gillison et al, 2009). Social worker inspires the individuals to engage themselves in physical activities for betterment of life such as activities in group and enjoying life with optimal level of wellness. Social worker always focuses to find out the relationship between the profes sional assignment and commitment for wellbeing and development. They are also maintaining an ideal level of social wellness allows building healthy relationships with others. They create supportive social network for agrees to impro ve pos i t i ve s ki l l s and become comfortable with stressful situations. It is know that health social workers play a vital role to increases positive coping, self-esteem and confident of human and social wellness enables to create boundaries that encourage communi c at i on, t r us t a nd conf l i ct management. In social work education, it seems that there is inclusion of intervention like physical activity and quality of life for increasing the work efficiency and wellbeing throughout the life of people. Previous researches indicate that physical workout develops cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive fitness, as well as reduce metabolic problems and enhances energy and flexibility (Barnett, et al., 2009). Social Work profession gives importance on good health and sustainable development. It also emphasizes to create an environment which aims at maintaining good physical and mental health and provide better quality of life. Social Worker empowers the deprived and weaker section of society by providing services which aims at enhancing their skill to cope with problem and finding out the solution for their well-being. I t can be concluded that Social Work 1 Indian Journal of Health Social Work. 1(2) July-December, 2019 (Narendra Kumar Singh) Chief Editor profession has the unique potential and opportunity to contribute to overall wellbeing and address the growing issue of physical inactivity, burnout and poor quality of life at individual, family, group, community and society level.

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(Narendra Kumar Singh)
Chief Editor

It’s a matter of great pride for me that All India Association of Medical Social Work Professionals is launching first issue of “Indian Journal of Health Social Work” on the auspicious occasion of 6th Annual National Conference of AIAMSWP, 2019.

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