Yoga is developing as therapy for various disorders in mental health, at same it is used in daily
life for mental health wellness. The aim of this article is to determine development of yoga as
therapy, and where it’s role in mental health as a novel exercise modality. Yoga is developing as
science, in various forms and in different life situations. Mental health is one of the life situations
where yoga is more evidently applicable to maintain wellness as well as improving physical and
psychological health. The research is going on how yoga can be utilized in its full form to minimize
impact of psychiatric disorders, furthermore it’s direct effect has been not yet revealed and yoga
is used as adjunctive therapy modalities in various disorders. Therefore, further research indeed
to understand direct effect of yoga as therapy. This article tries to describe current developments
in yoga as therapy in mental health.

Keywords: Yoga, Mental Health, Social Cognition, Electroencephalography.

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